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About the English Cocker Spaniel


An active sporting dog, the English Cocker Spaniel’s compact, solid body practically vibrates with energy and enthusiasm, particularly when at work in the field. Although known for its soft, melting spaniel expression, the breed is a tough worker, capable of covering ground effortlessly and penetrating the densest of cover.


His coat can be solid-colored (black, liver or shades of red) or parti colored, including ticking or roaning.  One of the oldest types of land spaniel known, the Cocker descended from the original spaniels of Spain. They were used to hunt in dense cover, flushing and retrieving game.


In 1935, The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America was formed in the United States to promote the interest of the English Cocker and differentiate it from the American-type Cocker that was emerging. The English Cocker was recognized as separate from the American Cocker Spaniel by the AKC in 1946.

About the ECSCSC


The ECSCSC was founded in 1975 in an effort to promote the breed and educate English Cocker Spaniel enthusiasts in Southern California. The club currently sponsors two shows each year and enjoys an active membership. Club meetings are scheduled regularly and are held at shows or our members’ homes.


The objectives of the club are:

To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred English Cocker Spaniels and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

To urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which English Cocker Spaniels shall be judged.

To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of English Cocker Spaniels, and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog and/or specialty shows, obedience trials and field trials, hunting and tracking tests.

To conduct sanctioned matches, dog and/or specialty shows, obedience trials, field trials, and hunting and tracking tests under the rules of the American Kennel Club. 

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Susan Frye, President - mtntop18@wildblue.net

Sally Rosenthal, Vice President - barristerec@att.net 

Lori Gachewicz, Secretary - rallgym@sbcglobal.net  

Jack Pettee, Treasurer - jackpettee@socal.rr.com 

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